GoodBuyTech review

Read our expert opinion on GoodBuyTech. We review the company, based on delivery, customer service and payment speed, and share what real customers think.

Our expert GoodBuyTech review

Although GoodBuyTech only has offers on a few devices, its quotes are very competitive - especially if the phone you want to sell works properly and is in good condition.

Its offers are tiered depending on what state your phone is in: the most money is offered for phones that only have light signs of use, though GoodBuyTech also buy broken and faulty mobiles. That includes phones with cracked screens, power issues, and even mild water damage.

As an extra bonus, it also offers the same amount of cash for phones locked to a network as it does for unlocked ones.

Posting your phone to GoodBuyTech is free, including a UPS courier service for more valuable devices, and it doesn't charge for returns if your quote has to be revised either.

For payment, you can choose between a bank transfer (paid the same day the company receives your phone) or PayPal.