Giffgaff Recycle review

Read our expert opinion on Giffgaff Recycle. We rate the company, based on delivery, customer service and payment speed, and share what real customers think.

Our rating for Giffgaff Recycle

You may know giffgaff for its cheap-as-chips, easy-peasy mobile deals - but it also buys old smartphones through its marketplace. You don't even need to be a giffgaff user to sell to them.

There's a fairly wide range of phones that it buys, mostly smartphones, including broken and damaged handsets as well. It doesn't buy phones with liquid damage, but will take ones with smashed displays, scratched bodies, or broken buttons - though offers are quite a bit lower for faulty phones.

Like most recyclers, giffgaff offers free postage when you sell it your phone, and returns are free if you change your mind too.

You don't have a lot of choice over payment methods - only bank transfers are available - but on the plus side that means it can be sent out within just one working day of your phone arriving.