Fone Wizard review

Read our expert opinion on Fone Wizard. We take a look at the company and reveal the important facts.

Our expert review of Fone Wizard

Source: Trustpilot

About Fone Wizard

Fone Wizard will buy and recycle most major gadgets. Obviously it will give you money for your fone... sorry phone, but also takes tablets and smartwatches.

It will take handsets in both working and damaged condition, including those with scratches, chips in the body and cracked screens. You can choose to be paid by bank transfer or cheque, and Fone Wizard promises that it will send payment on the same day it receives your device. 

It also says that every device you send will be reused or recycled. Most phones are refurbished and resold, but if its too damaged, it will be taken apart, reusable components removed and the rest recycled responsibly.