Sell your Three phone

Use CompareMyMobile to sell your old Three phone. It couldn't be simpler - just read our guide to see how you can do it.

Is it possible to sell a contract phone?

You can sell a contract phone, as long as your deal with Three is over. If your Three phone is locked, it’s no problem.

Just use our ‘sell my mobile’ tool and tell us whether it’s locked or not.

If your Three contract is over, then your phone belongs to you and you can sell it if you want to. There’s no need to check with Three to get their permission in this case.

Is the price affected if my phone is locked to Three?

No. The good news is that there is a negligible difference between the price of locked and unlocked phones.

So if your phone is locked to Three, you can rest assured that you can sell it to one of our partners and get a good price for it.

Can I sell a phone that's still under contract?

No, you cannot sell a Three phone while still under contract. That’s because it still technically belongs to it while you’re paying off your deal. Once you’ve finished your contract, though, you can sell your Three phone without any hassle.

What happens when I trade in an Three phone?

The process of trading in an old Three phone with CompareMyMobile is swift and straightforward.

  1. Find your phone using our search tool
  2. Tell us whether it’s locked or unlocked and what condition it’s in using the filters on the side of the page
  3. Pick the best price
  4. Post it to your chosen recycler using the postage pack they send you
  5. Get paid quickly and securely

How much is my Three phone worth?

By using the CompareMyMobile search tool you can see how much your Three phone is worth. Got an iPhone? Then take a look at our Apple page.

Selling an old Samsung Galaxy phone? Then our Samsung section has everything you need.

Will my Three phone be recycled?

Yes. Your old Three phone will be recycled whichever partner you choose to go with.

If it’s still in good condition, then it’ll likely be resold. If it’s seen better days, then recyclers may use its old parts to recondition other phones.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything before sending my phone in?

We advise that you perform a factory reset of your phone, whether it’s locked or unlocked. This is easy and can be done through the Settings app on iPhones and Android devices. Be sure to back everything up first, though.

This will keep your data safe and make checking your device over easier for recyclers too.

Can I trade in a broken EE phone?

Yes, you can trade in a broken Three phone. Just choose the ‘broken’ section when telling us about your device. Remember you won’t get as good a price as if the phone was new or in good working condition.