Sell your Tesco Mobile phone

Got a Tesco Mobile phone? Here’s how you can safely sell your contract phone and ensure you get a good price without breaking any rules.

Is it possible to sell a contract phone?

You can sell a contract phone, but first you have to consider a couple of key factors. Is the device locked to Tesco Mobile?

It’s not a problem if so, just let us know when you use CompareMyMobile’s Sell My Phone page by selecting the network from the dedicated drop down menu.

If you’ve come to the end of your contract, then remember that device is now yours. That means you can do as you please with it, including selling it to cover the cost of a spanking new smartphone.

Is the price affected if my phone is locked to Tesco Mobile?

The good news is that the price of your Tesco Mobile phone is hardly affected by it being locked to the network.

Unlocked devices fetch around £5 more than unlocked ones. If you’re flogging an old iPhone 11, for example, you’ll get £240 if it’s locked to Tesco Mobile and £245 if it’s an unlocked model.

Can I sell a phone that's still under contract?

This is where you need to tread carefully. Technically, Tesco Mobile still owns your device while you’re paying off the cost of it during your contract.

So while you can choose a shorter contract so you pay off the cost sooner, until you do so that phone isn’t yours to sell.

Once your device plan ends, however, your phone is yours to sell. Use CompareMyMobile to find the best price and ensure that any older device is either recycled or safely disposed of.

What happens when I trade in a Tesco Mobile phone?

Trading in an old Tesco Mobile contract phone is easy when you use CompareMyMobile.

  1. Find your phone using our search tool
  2. Tell us whether it’s locked or unlocked and what condition it’s in using the filters on the side of the page
  3. Pick the best price
  4. Post it to your chosen recycler using the postage pack they send you
  5. Get paid quickly and securely

How much is my Tesco Mobile phone worth?

It all depends what phone you have, especially as Tesco Mobile has a great reputation for selling a wide range of devices. The best thing you can do is search for your handset here at CompareMyMobile.

Packing an iPhone? Then head straight to our Apple page. Selling your Samsung Galaxy phone? Then it’s Samsung section you need.

Will my Tesco Mobile phone be recycled?

Absolutely. All of our recycling partners are carefully chosen by us and guarantee that phones will either be refurbished and sold as reconditioned devices, or taken apart safely, with components used for recycling.

Any toxic materials left over are disposed of safely and securely, with nothing going to landfill.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything before sending my phone in?

We advise that you perform a factory reset of your phone, whether it’s locked or unlocked. This is easy and can be done through the Settings app on iPhones and Android devices. Be sure to back everything up first, though.

This will keep your data safe and make checking your device over easier for recyclers too.

Can I trade in a broken Tesco Mobile phone?

Yes, you can trade in a broken Tesco Mobile phone. Just choose the ‘broken’ section when telling us about your device. Remember you won’t get as good a price as if the phone was new or in good working condition.