Sell your O2 phone

Looking to sell your O2 phone? Read on and we'll fill you in what you need to know and help you get a good price.

Is it possible to sell a contract phone?

Yes, you can sell an O2 contract phone. However, you’ll need to avoid doing so if you’re still paying off the device.

There’s a chance the network still technically owns the phone, so it’s important to wait until your deal is up.

If your O2 phone is locked to the network, you can still sell it. Just be sure to click on the ‘locked’ button when using the filters on our dedicated mobile sales page. We can take care of the rest and ensure you get a good price.

If you’ve paid off your O2 phone and your contract, then that device is yours to do with as you please.

You can keep it and switch to a SIM only plan or sell it without needing to get the network’s consent.

Is the price affected if my phone is locked to O2?

The good news is that you’ll get almost an almost identical price for a locked O2 phone as you would for an unlocked device.

Our recycling partners are experts in unlocking devices and good condition phones may be sold to those already on O2. Either way, you’ll get a good price.

Can I sell a phone that's still under contract?

It’s best to wait until your O2 contract has finished before selling your phone. That’s because the network can lay claim to still owning the phone until you’ve paid off the full cost.

Remember that you’ll still owe the full cost of the phone, even if you do sell it early.

The good news is that O2’s Refresh contracts split the cost of the device and airtime, meaning you can opt for a short device deal meaning you can choose to sell it at the end of your plan if you wish.

What happens when I trade in an O2 phone?

The process of trading in an old O2 phone with CompareMyMobile is swift and straightforward.

  1. Find your phone using our search tool
  2. Tell us whether it’s locked or unlocked and what condition it’s in using the filters on the side of the page
  3. Pick the best price
  4. Post it to your chosen recycler using the postage pack they send you
  5. Get paid quickly and securely

How much is my O2 phone worth?

Use CompareMyMobile’s search tool to check out how much your O2 phone is worth.

If you’ve got an iPhone, then be sure to look at our Apple page. Packing a Samsung Galaxy model? Then our Samsung section is what you need.

Will my O2 phone be recycled?

You can be certain that whichever recycler you choose through CompareMyMobile, your old O2 phone will be given a new life. If it’s in good condition it may be sold as a pre-loved device.

Alternatively, it will be taken apart and its components used to recondition other phones. This way, nothing ends up in landfill and the environment wins.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything before sending my phone in?

We advise that you perform a factory reset of your phone, whether it’s locked or unlocked. This is easy and can be done through the Settings app on iPhones and Android devices. Be sure to back everything up first, though.

This will keep your data safe and make checking your device over easier for recyclers too.

Can I trade in a broken EE phone?

Yes, you can trade in a broken O phone. Just choose the ‘broken’ section when telling us about your device.

Remember you won’t get as good a price as if the phone was new or in good working condition.