Sell your EE phone

Selling your EE phone is easy with CompareMyMobile. Read on for our complete guide and get the best price for your old phone.

Is it possible to sell a contract phone?

You can sell an EE contract phone, but you need to remember a couple of key points before you do so.

If your phone is locked to EE, then you’ll need to let us know. This is easy: just pick the locked option on the filter on the left hand side of the page in our comparison tool once you’ve found your phone on our website (just put its name in the search tool or scroll to find it).

It’s also important to be aware that if your contract has finished, then your EE phone is yours to sell. You’ll have paid the full cost of the device off over the term of your deal (usually 24 months)/

Is the price affected if my phone is locked to EE?

Prices tend to be the same for locked and unlocked EE phones. Our recycling partners can either unlock your old phone or sell it as an EE phone to a customer on the network.

If the phone is old, it may instead use the components to recondition other phones.

Can I sell a phone that's still under contract?

EE has a policy stating that a phone is yours after six months of your contract.

However, if you sell it you’ll still need to pay back the total cost, most likely in a cancellation fee or until the end of your deal.

It’s far more advisable to wait until your contract is up, when the phone becomes yours without having to pay any more money to EE.

That way you can sell your EE phone with confidence and no worries about any recourse.

What happens when I trade in an EE phone?

The process of trading in a Vodafone phone with CompareMyMobile is easy.

  1. Find your phone using our search tool
  2. Tell us whether it’s locked or unlocked and what condition it’s in using the filters on the side of the page
  3. Pick the best price
  4. Post it to your chosen recycler using the postage pack they send you
  5. Get paid quickly and securely

It really is as easy as that. If you want to get rid of your old Vodafone phone and get paid, then CompareMyMobile is the best way to do it.

How much is my EE phone worth?

You just need to use the CompareMyMobile search tool now to see how much your old EE phone is worth.

If you’ve got an old iPhone, then head to our Apple page. Trying to shift last year’s Samsung Galaxy model? Then our Samsung section is the place to be.

Will my EE phone be recycled?

Whichever of our partners you choose you can rest assured that your EE phone will be reconditioned and sold on to a new buyer or taken apart and its parts used to repair other phones.

The best part of this is that your EE phone won’t go to landfill or cause pollution.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do anything before sending my phone in?

We advise that you perform a factory reset of your phone, whether it’s locked or unlocked. This is easy and can be done through the Settings app on iPhones and Android devices.

Be sure to back everything up first, though.

This will keep your data safe and make checking your device over easier for recyclers too.

Can I trade in a broken EE phone?

Yes, you can trade in a broken EE phone. Just choose the ‘broken’ section when telling us about your device. Remember you won’t get as good a price as if the phone was new or in good working condition.