Got an old Amazon ereader that you want to sell? Here on CompareMyMobile, you can make big money by sending it to a recycler. Here's how:

How to sell your Amazon ereader

Selling your old Amazon ereader for the best price is easy - just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Compare prices: Search for your specific Amazon device on com. We'll list prices from loads of different recyclers
  2. Send it on: Once you’ve picked an offer and filled out some details, the recycler will send you a postage pack so you can mail your phone, tablet or other gadget off.
  3. Get paid! Once the recycler has checked your device, they’ll send you your money - either via PayPal, bank transfer, or cheque. That’s it!

Why sell your Amazon ereader device on

Recyclers will buy most products from Amazon, including mobile phones, tablets and more. They'll even pay for broken gadgets! We’re committed to making sure you get the most cash possible when you do trade it in and only list reputable companies that we trust. So not only will you get the best deal, you can be sure that your Amazon ereader will be disposed of in an environmentally-conscious way.