Tech me out

Could your phone be keeping you single? Our new study dived head first into the world of online dating and found the wrong phone could make you up to 75% less swipeable

When it comes to online dating, it’s a jungle out there. Between the millions of matches and plethora of platforms, competition has never been tougher, especially as more people than ever are taking to their phones and not the streets to find ‘the one’.

With more people to choose from and less to separate them, a study from the team at comparemymobile found that the difference between finding love and being left on the shelf could even come down to the phone you have, with young singletons caring more about your tech than your car.

In fact, choosing the wrong phone could leave you 74% less datable, especially if you live in London!

So take a seat and get ready to swipe, or pick a new handset as we explore the handsets most likely to land you a date.

Tech me out dating infographic

So, think your current handset might be holding you back?

Why not sell your phone and put the extra money you make towards a newer, more sophisticated model like the iPhone 13, for example. You never know, judging by these results, the decision might  result in the perfect date you've been waiting for.

Don't want to part with your device?

That's fine too. After all, there's someone out there for everyone. Compare the latest sim only plans:

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