Phone Alone

Could your phone habits push your relationship to breaking point? In our new study, we looked at the top phone faux pas in relationships, and answered the question, 'Who are the best partners, iPhone or Android users?'

When it comes to minor grievances, there’s few things worse than bad phone etiquette.We all know someone who talks loudly on calls, texts their friends while at the dinner table, or worse still plays with their phone during a movie and asks, “what’s going on?” every few minutes.While it’s bad enough when your friends can’t hold a conversation with you without on eye on their phone, when it’s your partner, bad phone habits are the worst.With more couples spending more time together than ever before, the relationship experts at have delved deep into the worst phone habits that drive partners insane, to figure out whether Android or iPhone owners make better partners.

What are the biggest relationship deal breakers?

Surprisingly, using a phone during a movie ranked as the top ‘dealbreaker’ in the study, with 58% of people saying it would be a major issue for them, above not replying to texts, liking other’s social media posts, and even texting while driving.On person in the survey commented; “Since lockdown watching movies is the worst thing in the world. [They’re] on the [their] phone all the time and then constantly asking me what’s happening in the film.”Overall, the study found men were most likely to commit a faux pas, with six offences to their name, including liking raunchier social media posts from other people – so watch out for that late night creeping and DM sliding!

Android users make better spouses

According to our study, if you want to avoid screaming into the void during your relationship, you might be best served dating someone who doesn’t have an iPhone.Looking at the dirt worst mobile habits as identified by our study group, iPhone users were 12% more likely to commit and offence than their Android counterparts.

iPhone users were the most likely to cause offense on every one of their habits, from using their phone while watching movies, leaving their partners on read, taking excessive selfies, and even creeping on other people via social media.

So, should you avoid iPhone owners if you want a harmonious relationship? Well, apparently that could be more difficult than you might think.

Apple users are 76% more datable

In our 2020 study, we analysed over 50,000 swipes on dating apps and found that statistically, iPhone users are 76% more likely to get a date than someone with an Android handset.While holding BlackBerry, might have become all the rage in 2021, according to our stats, holding one in your dating profile could leave you in the singles aisle forever.So, there you have it. Android users do make better partners if you’re looking for a harmonious relationship. But there’s just something about those iPhone users, so even if they do drive their partner crazy, they might not be short of options in the future. And if you have a BlackBerry, well, it might be time to sell your phone and find a new one.