Released back in 2014, the Xperia Z2 had much of the same looks as the rest of the Xperia range: glossy back, sharp edges, and a very flat and thin form factor. So it looked good - and came in either black, white, or jazzy purple.

Unlike the previous Xperia Z, however, the Z2 came with a screen that was a tiny bit bigger, at 5.2 inches, and a pretty serious 20.7MP camera on the back. Powering the whole thing was a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, meaning this device was one of the fastest out there at the time, and it was supported by a 3,200mAh battery that lasted ages.

On the downside, it was still stuck on just 16GB of internal storage and probably won’t ever get an OS update beyond Android Marshmallow.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’re looking to sell your Sony Xperia Z2, then - and the good news is that you can make a pretty penny when you do. Compare all the offers from loads of top mobile recyclers with CompareMyMobile so you can find one you like.

Can I sell a broken Sony Xperia Z2?

Don’t worry if your Sony Xperia Z2 is broken or damaged - many phone recyclers will still buy it. A phone usually counts as broken if it has:

  • a cracked screen
  • broken buttons
  • power issues
  • lots of chips and dents
  • a corrupt operating system

A broken Sony Xperia Z2 will sell for less than a working one, and even less than a brand new one - obviously - but nonetheless, they’ll sell. Just make sure you’re honest about your gadget's condition and you’ll get the most accurate quotes. If a recycler receives your device but decides it is not in the condition they expected, they’ll send you a revised quote by email, which you can choose to accept or reject. Some will charge postage if you want your gadget back, though others will do it for free.

Can I sell a Sony Xperia Z2 with water damage?

Selling a water damaged phone is a little trickier, but some recyclers do buy handsets with water damage. Search for quotes on a broken Sony Xperia Z2 above, and check with the recycler if you're not sure whether it will accept a water damaged phone or not.