Samsung followed its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone up with an accompanying littlun - the aptly-named Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Intended as a mid-range device, it was there for the crowd who prefer a smaller, more traditionally-sized mobile. That meant a 4.3-inch display in this case, in a tiny frame that could easily slip in your pocket. 

Of course, what was mid-range in 2013 is somewhere near the bottom of the tech pile by today’s standards. The S4 Mini came sporting a cheap-feeling plastic body - either in black, white, blue, pink, orange, or purple - along with some very 2013-era hardware. We’re talking an 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP selfie snapper, a dual-core processor, and 1.5GB RAM. Its 8GB of internal memory frustrates a lot of users too, especially as only 5GB of it is available to use, though at least there’s an SD card slot to take some of the weight. 

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