Sell your Samsung Galaxy S3 

The Samsung Galaxy S3 - aka the Samsung Galaxy S III - marked a turning point in Samsung’s famed Galaxy S range. It was the first in the series to feature a HD display, launched with quad-core processors, and had up to 64GB internal storage. Add a microSD card slot, Gorilla Glass front, integrated GPS (a big deal back in the day), and this smartphone added up to a good piece of hardware. 

It was considered pretty impressive when it was released, even though it had that iffy-looking polycarbonate casing. That was in the good old days of 2012 though, and today we scoff at the measly 720p display and Android Jelly Bean. If you’ve got a Galaxy S3 or S III that you want to upgrade or replace, this is the place to sell it on.  

Take a look at our list of offers from buyers and recyclers - we work with over 30 of them so you should have plenty of choice - and choose one with a price, payment method, and timescale that suits you. Then simply give it a click and enter your details, and the recycler will send you a postage pack to mail your phone off with. That cash will be yours in a matter of days.