The LG G5 brought something quite original to the smartphone world: a ‘modular’ body, with bits that you can open up and chop and change. Alongside your phone, you could buy some of LG’s Friends - modules to add to your G5, like a better camera lens or a battery pack. Thankfully it didn’t quite look like a weirdly-shaped phone, with a slick metal case in either silver, gold, pink, or titan - AKA dark grey.

It’s clearly recognisable as an LG phone, too, since the home button and fingerprint scanner combo is on the back of the handset. It’s just below the rear camera - which in this case is a dual-lens one, featuring both wide-angle 16MP and regular 8MP lenses.

The hardware inside was decent for a 2016 phone as well. They included a Snapdragon chipset and 4GB of RAM… though your only storage option was 32GB.

A modular design isn’t for everyone though, and it made the G5 rather pricey without quite offering the specs to back it up. Want to sell your LG G5? We’re here to help. Use our comparison tool to find all the available offers from mobile recyclers, and just pick one you like. Once you’ve given them your details and mailed your G5 off, they’ll send you your dough.

Can I sell a broken LG G5?

Don’t worry if your LG G5 is broken or damaged - many phone recyclers will still buy it. A phone usually counts as broken if it has:

  • a cracked screen
  • broken buttons
  • power issues
  • lots of chips and dents
  • a corrupt operating system

A broken LG G5 will sell for less than a working one, and even less than a brand new one - obviously - but nonetheless, they’ll sell. Just make sure you’re honest about your gadget's condition and you’ll get the most accurate quotes. If a recycler receives your device but decides it is not in the condition they expected, they’ll send you a revised quote by email, which you can choose to accept or reject. Some will charge postage if you want your gadget back, though others will do it for free.

Can I sell an LG G5 with water damage?

Selling a water damaged phone is a little trickier, but some recyclers do buy handsets with water damage. Search for quotes on a broken LG G5 above, and check with the recycler if you're not sure whether it will accept a water damaged phone or not.