Released in 2014, the HTC One M8 was one of the best smartphones around at its launchAlthough it looks almost identical to the previous HTC One, the M8 came with some important upgrades: a slightly bigger screen, better processing power, and dual camera lenses on the back.  

Besides that, you’ll recognise it by its sleek design. The One M8 has a smooth, lightly curved metal unibody form, with iPhone-esque lines running around the top and bottom for the aerial. On the front, the screen is crisp and clear with a 1080p resolution, and it’s got two long speaker grilles above and below the screen. Together, they mean you can hear audio in perfect stereo when you turn the phone landscape.  

Advanced though it may have been in 2014, these days the M8 isn’t always up to par - most modern flagship smartphones have processors larger than quad-core, for a start. Ready to upgrade, and want to sell your HTC One M8? Weigh up your options with CompareMyMobile. With top UK mobile recyclers on site and thousands of customer reviews to back them all up, you can choose the offer that works best for you. Just select your phone’s condition and the network it’s locked to, pick a quote you like, and click through to enter your details.