Google’s Nexus 5, designed and built by LG, excited Android fans around the world in 2013 - and with good reason, too. Not only did it look cool - check out the True HD 1080p screen and the cool luminous red option - it also had what Google deemed the perfect hardware for running Android.  

That means things like a quad-core Snapdragon chipset, 2GB of RAM, dual-band AC Wi-Fi, and one of LG’s superb-as-always cameras with autofocus and OIS. 

Of course, the Nexus 5 was made for Android Lollipop, which is now far from being the latest Android OS. If you’re a tech fiend who wants to upgrade to the newest and brightest thing that Google has to offer, it’s time to sell your old Nexus 5 16GB. Use CompareMyMobile’s comparison tool to find the best offer on your old phone - we’ve got tons of recyclers and buyers on the site. Once you’ve chosen one, enter your details to get a postage pack and send your phone off and the cash is yours.