We all remember the hype when the iPhone 6 Plus first came out in 2014 - it was Apple’s first phablet device, with a whopping 5.5-inch display. 64GB of storage meant this model was ready for anything, and a funky new design made it nice to look at too. Importantly, it was also a decent step up from the old 5s model, offering better Wi-Fi and a longer-lasting battery.

If your thumbs are tired from navigating the phone’s massive screen, however, you’re probably looking to upgrade. Apple has made a few upgrades in the phablet department since 2014, and the iPhone 6 Plus just doesn’t stand up in terms of processing power, camera tech, and so on. Besides, 64GB of storage may not be enough to hold all the pictures, videos, apps, and files you’ve accumulated over the years.

How to sell your iPhone 6 Plus 64GB

To sell your iPhone 6 Plus 64GB, choose the condition and network of your phone above, and compare prices from tons of buyers. When you see one you like, click through and enter your details - then the recycler will send you a postage pack to mail your phone off in, and the cash will be yours in no time.

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