Apple has come a long way since the iPhone 5 16GB came out in 2012. Rocking a 4-inch display - the phone’s largest and highest resolution one yet - the iPhone 5 was the first to feature the now-universal Lightning port. Other major steps up from the old iPhone 4s model include a more powerful Apple A6 chipset, a 1.2MP selfie camera, and of course a more stylish design featuring a sleek aluminium back.

These days, though, the iPhone 5 is a bit old hat. 16GB of internal storage is hardly enough, and owners are probably itching for a phone that has Apple Pay and a HD screen.

Luckily, you’re able to sell your iPhone 5 16GB, and get a nice bit of cash to put towards an upgrade. Just select the condition and network of your phone, and take a look through the offers from recyclers. When you find a quote you like, click through, enter your details, and find out how to send off your phone and get that all-important dosh.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 5 16GB?

Don’t worry if your iPhone 5 16GB is broken or damaged - many phone recyclers will still buy it. A phone usually counts as broken if it has:

  • a cracked screen
  • broken buttons
  • power issues
  • lots of chips and dents
  • a corrupt operating system

A broken iPhone 5 16GB will sell for less than a working one, and even less than a brand new one - obviously - but nonetheless, they’ll sell. Just make sure you’re honest about your gadget's condition and you’ll get the most accurate quotes. If a recycler receives your device but decides it is not in the condition they expected, they’ll send you a revised quote by email, which you can choose to accept or reject. Some will charge postage if you want your gadget back, though others will do it for free.

Can I sell an iPhone 5 16GB with water damage?

Selling a water damaged phone is a little trickier, but some recyclers do buy handsets with water damage. Search for quotes on a broken iPhone 5 16GB above, and check with the recycler if you're not sure whether it will accept a water damaged phone or not.