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K8 Top quote :£16.00
G5 Top quote :£120.60
V10 Top quote :£90.00
G4c Top quote :£30.00
Nexus 5X 16GB Top quote :£75.00
K10 Top quote :£30.00
Nexus 5 Top quote :£30.00
g4 stylus Top quote :£35.00
Flex 2 Top quote :£40.00
g4 Top quote :£60.00
Spirit 4G Top quote :£9.00
Optimus V Top quote :£0.04
Dlite Top quote :£0.15
G2x Top quote :£1.20
Optimus 3D Max Top quote :£0.33
Optimus T Top quote :£0.12
Phoenix Top quote :£0.52
Sentio Top quote :£0.04
myTouch Q Top quote :£0.04
VU Plus Top quote :£0.04
DoublePlay Top quote :£0.04
Leon 4G Top quote :£20.00
Optimus G Pro Top quote :£10.00
LG-A200 Top quote :£0.03
Optimus Hub Top quote :£0.16
Optimus Sol Top quote :£0.20
Optimus L4 II E440 Top quote :£0.20
Optimus F5 P875 Top quote :£27.00
LS855 Marquee Top quote :£0.05
P930 Nitro HD Top quote :£1.50
P925 Thrill 4G Top quote :£0.62
A180 Top quote :£0.04
G3 S Top quote :£31.50
Optimus L5 II Top quote :£3.00
D680 G Pro Lite Top quote :£7.00
D160 Top quote :£1.00
G3 Stylus Top quote :£16.20
Optimus L7 II P710 Top quote :£3.00
G Flex Round Top quote :£35.00
Optimus L9 II Top quote :£0.32
G3 Top quote :£40.00
Optimus L3 II E430 Top quote :£0.80
Optimus L1 II E410 Top quote :£0.02
L70 D320N Top quote :£3.00
G2 mini Top quote :£19.00
L90 D405 Top quote :£20.00
Optimus G E975 Top quote :£30.00
G2 Top quote :£22.50
G Flex 2 Top quote :£35.00
D500 Top quote :£1.36

Selling LG Phones: LG Brand Information

LG Electronics Inc is a global consumer electronics, home appliances, digital products and mobile communication Company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company is one of the largest developers of mobile phones with its mobile communication division, which provides mobile terminals, personal computers and communication devices. LG’s mobile phones feature advanced technologies, innovative design making them high quality devices.

Selling LG Phones Online for Recycle

Wondering how selling LG phones for recycle works? While there are plenty of mobile phones recycling companies out there, finding and researching them on your own can be a frustrating and time-consuming activity. With our mobile phone recyclers’ comparison service, you can compare prices offered for your LG mobile phone by leading used mobile phone buyers quick and easy. Our price comparison service helps you find the highest offer for your LG handset that you want to sell. When selling LG phones, using a price comparison service will ensure you earn the most from your phone. It also saves you time since you don’t have to do all the research on your own. You can also recycle damaged LG phones for cash. What you receive for non-working phones depends on the condition of the phone. You can recover anywhere from 10%-90% of the original price.

How Selling LG Phones for Recycle Works

  • Use the search box to find your phone through the model or make.
  • Compare the offers given by leading mobile phone recyclers for your used LG phone and select the best deal based on price, positive ratings and payment terms.
  • Select the best offer. The best recycling company offers a competitive price, efficient payment process and has glowing reviews from users.
  • Complete your seller profile by entering the required information and wait to receive the free post labels
  • Send your phone to your recycler of choice using the freepost bag so you don’t have to incur shipping expenses.
  • Confirm the sale of your LG mobile phone for recycle.
  • Receive payment for selling LG phones through the payment options you opted for.
Mobile phones recycling helps you get paid for doing the right thing to save the environment and earn money. By opting to recycle rather than throw away your old phone, you reduce environmental waste. The more you let your LG mobile handset collect dust, the less you will receive when selling LG phones. Get paid the most money for recycling your old or faulty LG phone now.