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Charity mobile phone recycling

What we do

We offer the following benefits for charities, schools and organisations looking to raise cash for recycling gadgets:

  • A dedicated and reliable account manager
  • Secure collection of all devices available nation wide
  • For every device collected, a full report will be provided
  • Secure data clearance for all devices, SIM's and memory cards are also destroyed
  • Courier collection and marketing to support collections has an easy solution to support your recycling needs. Companies across the United Kingdom turn to as their approved recycling partner. We have worked with governments and local councils, universities, mobile phone network operators, and a cross range of alternate markets to improve the profitability of their recycling programs. Contact us

What can you donate?

We offer payment on most devices collected. To further benefit your recycling habits, we can also offset payments on devices as charitable contributions on your behalf. So far, we have raised the payouts for charities by up to 1100% from the current deals offered by their existing partnerships using flat rate payouts. From our range of 4,500 products on average we provide a 42% increase in payouts via comparing the market, ranging from 10 year old phones to the latest models that have price differences of up to £90.

Recycling for charity can partner with charitable foundations to created a program specific to the organization's core demographic. uses vast insight and experience to partner the right program with each charity, be it a corporate partnership, a large donor base, or other means, to ensure the best possible results.

Where is your used mobile phone? It is likely that yours is one of the UK's 40 million working used mobile phones sitting in a home or office gathering dust. When factoring in an average appraisal of £4 per phone that would be donated, this could account for £160 million that could be donated to charity. The actual average consumer value of a phone recycled by the public is now up to £114 (2012) If these phones are not recycled, they will most likely be thrown in the trash and eventually pollute landfills and waterways for decades to come. Contact us

Recycling for schools

It is inevitable that at some point we will all be involved in school fundraising, be it as a student or a parent.

By combining what we have learned through Charity, Corporate, and personal experience, has come up with widely successful results by recycling mobile phones for school / university Contact us