Do you have less spare change after the weekly shop or after travelling to meet friends and family? Chances are, the cost of living in your city is higher than most. To find out how much you spend on goods right now and compare with other cities, use our comparison tool at the top of this page

The cost of living continues to rise across the UK with annual reports and increases in products and services, but how does this affect local communities? Does a postcode lottery apply when it comes to our monthly expenses? And are everyday costs like the grocery shop, daily commute, childcare costing us more or less depending on location? 

We recently undertook an extensive study here at CompareMyMobile HQ, analysing 70 of the UK’s top cities up and down the country to uncover the true cost of living for a variety of lifestyle factors including transportation, clothing, housing, utilities, sports, leisure and food. 

Our brand new Cost of Living Comparison Tool allows you to find out the average price of goods and services in your city and compare this to a city of choice revealing where you may be spending more or making (hopefully huge) savings.