Compare the best Samsung Galaxy A5 deals

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung created its Galaxy A range of phones for those of us who don't quite have the cash to splash on one of its big flagships. At the top end of that range is the A5 - a smartphone that looks and feels premium, only without the hefty price tag.

Like the sound of it? Here's how to find the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy A5 with CompareMyMobile.

What is the Samsung Galaxy A5 like?

Although it's technically from the manufacturer's less costly range, the Galaxy A5 comes with very few compromises on its specs and design. It looks just about identical to the Samsung Galaxy S7, with a 5.2-inch screen, smooth glass body, and the standard Samsung home button at the bottom.

It's been through a few iterations over the last few years, but the version of the A5 you'll want is the latest. This one has a Full HD display, octa-core processors and 3GB of RAM under the hood, and up to 64GB of internal storage, plus an SD card slot. It also has two 16MP cameras, which are incredibly high resolution, especially for a front-facing lens.

Like its more premium cousin, the Galaxy A5 has a fingerprint sensor in the home button and a big 3,000mAh battery with fast charging - and it's water-resistant.

How to find the best Samsung Galaxy A5 deal

You'll find the best deal on the Galaxy A5 by comparing what you can get with CompareMyMobile. Check out all the deals from tons of networks in our comparison table, use the filters in the sidebar to narrow them down, and pick the right one for you.

Remember to look at things like:

  • Allowance - This is probably most important thing of all. Pick your monthly calls, texts, and data allowance. Not sure how much you need? See our guide.
  • Network - You have a good amount of choice here, and different networks come with various benefits. That could mean low prices, great coverage, or free access to Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Budget - How much can you spend, both per month and upfront today? See below for a few tips to keep costs down.
  • Colour - Your choice of colours for the Samsung Galaxy A5 are black, gold, blue, or peach.

What's the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A5 deal?

Our comparison grid will help you find the cheapest Galaxy A5 contract deal. Enter all the things you want from your plan, then sort the results by cost. Sorting by total cost will show you the overall cheapest deals across the whole contract.

You can also set a maximum budget using the filters at the side, to make sure you only see deals you can afford.

To find the lowest-priced deal you can get, you can try:

  • Picking a budget network or MVNO
  • Buying through a reseller whose networks we list
  • Getting a refurbished handset
  • Looking out for existing customer deals from your current network

Samsung Galaxy A5 deals with no upfront cost

Deals on the Samsung Galaxy A5 with nothing to pay upfront are easy to find. Just set the filter on the comparison table to only show deals with free phones - or, order the results by upfront cost to see the 'free' ones first.

These deals usually add a little extra onto your monthly bills instead, but since the Galaxy A5 is a cheaper phone anyway, your plan should still be reasonably priced.

Samsung Galaxy A5 deals with unlimited data

Plans with unlimited data allowances are available, though not from many networks. Three is the only provider that really offers unlimited use, and you get a variety of options for calls and texts too.

It's worth also looking at deals with large data allowances to give you more choice. Nearly all networks offer 10GB per month or more, and some have plans with as much as 60GB per month.

To find unlimited data deals on the Samsung Galaxy A5, simply choose 'unlimited data' from the side filter. You can also sort the table by data allowance, which shows you the heaviest plans first.

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Don't forget - our comparison tool lets you compare deals from as many phones as you like, side by side.