Compare the best Doro phone deals 2021

Compare the best Doro phone deals


Specialising in simple and easy to use phones, Doro handsets are available on very cheap mobile contracts. You can make calls and take pictures with its handsets, but don’t expect to do too much else.

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Compare Doro phone deals

Deals on each Doro phone

  • Doro 6030
  • Doro PhoneEasy 5516
  • Doro PhoneEasy 6520

Choosing a Doro phone

Doro does make some smartphones but are probably best known for its PhoneEasy range of simple, easy to use handsets aimed at the elderly and vulnerable - practical phones that include an Assistance button and are hearing aid-compatible.

Doro’s PhoneEasy handsets, such as the Doro PhoneEasy 5516 and Doro PhoneEasy 6520 are available on very cheap mobile contracts which reflect their basic functionality and simple designs.

How to find the best Doro phone deal

You'll find the best Doro phone deal for you by comparing everything you can get. Our easy-to-use mobile comparison table is here to help you out:

Compare Doro phone deals

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1 - Choose a phone

Pick which Doro phone you want - select it from the menu at the side of the grid. If you can't decide which one you want, you can even select a bunch of them and compare all their deals at once.

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Next, select everything you want from your deal using the filters. This could be the minimum allowance you need, your maximum budget, networks you like, and so on.
You can also sort the deals by whatever factor you want - such as total cost, monthly cost, upfront fee, and data allowance.

3 - Pick a deal

Compare all the Doro deals that suit you, zero in on the perfect one, and we'll take you straight through to order it.

What’s the cheapest Doro phone contract?

You’ll find mobile phone contracts on Doro handsets to be some of the cheapest deals available in the UK market.

The Doro 6030 is a basic phone with a flip-case design that won’t get you online, but does come with a camera, Assistance button and HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility). With its well-structured menus and help guides, it’s a good phone for those looking the basics.

Another basic phone from Doro is the PhoneEasy 5516 - with a simple set-up, large display and big buttons. You’ll be able to browse the web and send emails via the 3G network, and it comes with a 2Mp rear camera.

As for your tariff… you'll find the cheapest Doro contracts from small or budget networks, resellers, and maybe even your current mobile network, if they offer special deals for existing customers.

Compare cheap Doro phone contracts

Doro phone deals with unlimited data

You can get unlimited data deals from a couple of networks - Three and giffgaff - but they may not be available on Doro phones. Look out for plans with high data allowances as well - contracts with 20GB and above are available on some networks.

Doro phone deals with 20GB+ data

Doro phone deals with no upfront cost

Some mobile contracts are available without an upfront cost. Just choose the handset you want, then select 'free' on the phone cost filter. This will show you all the deals that have nothing to pay upfront. Or, sort the grid by upfront cost - this shows you deals with nothing or very little to pay right now at the top of the table.

No upfront cost Doro phone deals