Compare iPhone SE contract deals 2019

Apple unleashed a pocket-sized 'special edition' iPhone - the iPhone SE - to the world in March 2016, and it went down a storm. It's still a great phone today, in fact - it's perfect if you miss the old fun-sized iPhones of the past but don't want to compromise on specs.

Grab a deal on the iPhone SE by comparing everything available with our comparison tool. Need some help? Here's all you need to know about the handset, and some tips to help you find the deal for you.

Compare iPhone SE deals

What is the iPhone SE like?

The iPhone SE has the same body and form factor as the old iPhone 5, but with hardware more like an iPhone 6s - making it the best iPhone for anyone who prefers a smaller handset. It's got a small body with those sharp, boxy edges of yore, along with a standard headphone jack, and it's even got a fingerprint scanner so you can use Apple Pay.

The screen measures four inches, and has a 640 x 1136 pixel resolution - it's not the best, but choosing a smaller handset does mean compromising on the display.

The camera on the back, on the other hand, is far from a compromise. It's rocking the same 12MP lens as the iPhone 6s, including True Tone flash, and the ability to take Live Photos, use HDR mode, and record video in 4K.

Inside, the iPhone SE has the same Apple A9 chip and 2GB of RAM as the 6s model too. It's the fastest and slickest iPhone of its size, in other words.

How to find the best iPhone SE deal

Comparing everything available on our mobile comparison tool will help you find the best iPhone SE for you:

Compare iPhone SE deals

Here's how to use it.

1. Refine your search

Adjust the settings at the side of the tool to narrow the deals down to ones that suit you.

  • Think about the calling minutes, texts, and data allowance you need. Light smartphone users will be happy with 1GB data or less, but you can get everything up to unlimited data.
  • How much do you want to spend? Set the filters to only show deals within your budget, if you have one - for both the monthly cost and the upfront cost that you'll pay today.
  • Choose a network. Smaller, more indie networks usually cost less, but the big'uns tend to give you more - like O2 Priority, or the UK's fastest 4G from EE.

2. Pick a phone

You can also choose the exact model of iPhone SE you want. They vary on storage capacity and colour.

  • Storage - Choose between 32GB or a nice big 128GB of memory. Older models may be available with 16GB or 64GB, though you can only really find them as refurbished handsets or through resellers that happen to have some still in stock.
  • Colour - Your choices are space grey, silver, gold, or rose gold.

3. Choose a deal

Click on a deal from the comparison table that you like, and you can sign up and order your new iPhone SE straight away.

See iPhone SE deals

What's the cheapest iPhone SE deal?

Luckily, this phone is quite low in price, so finding a cheap iPhone SE contract deal is nice and easy.

To see the cheapest deals, sort everything in our comparison grid by cost using the setting at the top of the page. Sorting by 'total cost' will rank the deals by the total you pay over the whole contract, showing you the ones with the ultimate best value - or sort them by monthly cost if you're happy to pay more upfront.

If you want a really, really cheap deal, there are a few ways to bump the contract cost down even lower. You can:

  • Go for a low-cost network, like iD Mobile or giffgaff
  • Pick a refurbished phone
  • Buy a deal through a reseller
  • Choose a model with a lower storage capacity

iPhone SE deals with unlimited data

Unlimited data deals are available on the iPhone SE - and because it's a cheap phone, unlimited plans aren't too expensive either.

Sadly, you can only get them from a couple of networks - currently just Three and giffgaff, the latter of which isn't truly unlimited - so there isn't a lot of choice. It's worth looking at high data allowances from other networks too. EE, O2, and Vodafone all offer mobile contracts with 50GB data or more per month, for instance, and may offer them on the iPhone SE.

Unlimited data iPhone SE deals

iPhone SE deals with no upfront cost

The iPhone SE is also available on contract with nothing to pay upfront. Getting a 'free' device does mean a slightly higher monthly cost instead - but since the phone is inexpensive to begin with, the difference is very small.

Compare no-upfront-cost iPhone SE deals by selecting 'free' under the phone cost filter on the grid. Or, set a minimum price that you're willing to spend right now, or sort the deals by upfront cost with the toggle at the top.

iPhone SE deals with no upfront cost

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Check out some similar iPhones to the SE, and some smaller-sized Android handsets too. Remember you can compare deals on as many phones as you want side by side in our comparison tool - just add them to the grid using the selector at the side.