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EE's all about 4G. When it comes to fast mobile internet, the network's among the very best in the UK. It's one of the most expansive too - not only does it offer a dizzying range of contract phones and SIM-only deals, it also has excellent extras like free BT Sport and Apple Music.

Read on, and we'll tell how to compare your EE options, and how to find the best price possible.

EE contract phone deals

As you'd expect from one of the biggest mobile networks in the country, EE carries tons of handsets, from flashy fast flagships, to brilliant budget phones. And, of course, you can compare them all on Compare My Mobile.

Here are some popular handsets you can get from EE:

That's just a small sample of the many, many handsets that EE carries. To start comparing deals, simply head over to our comparison page:

Compare EE contract phones

EE pay monthly phone deals

If you don't want the commitment of a 12-24 month contract, you could pick a pay monthly phone plan instead. This lets you buy a phone outright (or use one you already have), and also purchase a SIM-only plan.

EE has loads of mobile phone plans to choose from, so head over to our comparison page to see your options:

Compare EE pay monthly deals

EE SIM-only deals

When it comes to SIM-only plans, EE's one of the best in the biz. It attempts to be all things to all people - so to that end, it offers both 12-month contract and 30-day tariffs, with different bundles of texts, call time and data to suit different types of users.

When it comes to contract length, the 12-month plans will typically work out cheaper overall than the 30-day options, but you lose the flexibility to change tariffs or networks within your first year.

You should also consider data allowance - plans range from a relatively paltry 250MB a month (fine if all you want to do is check email but not much else), to a hefty 40GB (enough to watch multiple movies a month).

Read more about EE SIM deals here. Or, to start comparing SIM-only deals, just click the button below:

Compare EE SIM-only plans

EE coverage

EE is famous for its excellent coverage - it's widely regarded as the best in the UK. More than 99% of the population has access to voice and 3G services. Its 4G availability is also top-notch, and reaches 95% of the population.

Of course, population coverage isn't the same as geographical coverage. There are still some black spots where you can't get signal. That's why, before you buy, you should check EE's coverage checker - it's not a foolproof system, but it will give you an indication of whether or not you can get signal at home, work, or any other place you frequent.

Check EE coverage

EE mobile extras and perks

EE comes with quite a few extras, some of which are included free of charge, and others you can add-on if you want 'em.

Extras include:

  • Six months free Apple Music - Apple's Spotify-esque music streaming service is pretty good, and EE pay monthly and contract customers get free access for six months. Even better, any mobile data you use on the service won't be deducted from your allowance.
  • Free BT Sport - EE's owned by BT, which means customers get access to its big broadband daddy's exclusive sports service via the BT Sport App. You'll be able to watch Premier League, Champions League, Premiership Rugby and more for between three and 24 months depending on your plan.
  • Get 5GB extra data a month if you also have EE broadband - EE does home internet as well as mobile plans. Anyone who signs up to one of the company's broadband packages gets a hefty chunk of extra data as a result.
  • Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground - All EE customers can get free internet access London Underground platforms.

How do I find the best EE offer?

Short answer: compare options on Compare My Mobile, and find a deal that you think is best.

Of course, to do that, you should define what you mean by 'best'. Consider everything you need from your plan. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include:

  • Do I want a new handset or SIM-only plan?
  • How much am I willing to pay upfront?
  • How much data do I need?
  • How long will I spend talking on the phone?
  • How long do I want my contract to last?
  • How much can I afford a month?

If you have an answer to some or all of those queries, it'll make it far easier to find your perfect plan. Simply go to our comparison page, and use the filters to build a table specific to you. It takes seconds, and it'll quickly become clear what the 'best' offer is.

Compare EE deals

What's the cheapest EE deal?

EE's not the cheapest mobile operator out there, but if you're on a tight budget it is possible to find a good value deal.

The cheapest deal will vary depending on when you look - special offers and prices change regularly - so the best thing to do is go to compare EE deals and sort the results grid by total cost. This will tell you how much you'll spend each month, and over the total cost of your contract.

To make sure you're getting the cheapest deal, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Watch out for special offers - special offers happen regularly, and can dramatically improve the value of a plan. They can, for example, double data, offer cashback or even cut the monthly price.
  • Pick a smaller data allowance - the cheapest packages come with the least data, so if you're dedicated to the lowest price, be aware that you'll have to be careful with how much you use the internet outside the home.
  • Go with a reseller - resellers are companies that offer phones and mobile deals. They're not networks, but sell plans for mobile operators, including EE. Once you've signed up, you're with EE, with all the perks and features any other customer would get. Resellers are often much cheaper than buying through a network directly, so are definitely worth a look.
  • Pick an older handset - It may be tempting to get the latest version of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, but if price is an issue, take a step back. Older versions of handsets can work out substantially cheaper.

Want to find out if EE is any good? Check out our full review:

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