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Need a new mobile phone - like, right now? Consider getting one on a contract deal. This is a mobile deal that gives you both a phone and a monthly tariff. You're charged for it every month, sometimes with an initial fee as well, and it usually lasts two years. The best thing is that it means you can get a spanking new handset straight away without spending a bomb.

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Use our comparison tool to find the perfect mobile contract for you. It couldn't be easier.

Compare mobile contract deals

You'll find filters at the side of the page to make sure you only see deals that fit what you're looking for. You can pick a phone or a few phones to compare, pick an allowance or a budget, and even choose a colour and internal storage option for your new mobile.

Then, sort the grid by cost to see the cheapest deals at the top. Or sort them by allowance or our top picks, if you prefer.

How to choose a mobile contract

There are a lot of things to think about when you're choosing a deal, so here's a bit of guidance.


This is the important bit: the phone you get, that you'll probably have for the next two years. Need help choosing? See the section below for some pointers.


There are plenty of tariffs available, so choose one that best suits your use. Remember that if you're upgrading your smartphone and choosing a tariff to last two years, you may need a higher monthly allowance that you're used to.

  • Light use - A small allowance will suit anyone who only makes a few calls in a month, and connects their phone to Wi-Fi most of the time. Look for one with up to 1GB data.
  • Medium use - 1GB-5GB is plenty of data for most smartphone users, and is usually paired with couple of thousand minutes and texts. Deals with unlimited calls and texts are common too, if you want to stay on the safe side.
  • Heavy use - Smartphone fiends will benefit from 10GB data or more, especially if you regularly use your phone for work or stream a lot of video and audio. It's often teamed with unlimited calls or texts as well.
  • Unlimited - Beast of a mobile user? Go for an unlimited data deal so you're never caught short.


Lots of networks offer contract deals on plenty of different allowances, each with their own benefits. Some have low prices or special discounts, including deals for existing customers; others include free use of certain apps; and some just guarantee excellent cellular service.

Networks with mobile contract deals include:

Make sure you check coverage in your area before committing to a network.


Prices vary wildly on contracts, from a fiver a month to £60 and beyond. You can choose a deal that costs more upfront, giving you lower bills the rest of the year; or go for a 'free' device with slightly higher bills. Or, just search within your budget and see what deals and phones are available.

Contract length

Most phone contracts last two years, but they can also last 12, 18, or 36 months.

If you want flexibility over when your contract ends, choose one with easy upgrades - like O2 Refresh, Sky Mobile Swap, or giffgaff's peer-to-peer handset loans.

What's the best mobile phone?

There's tons of choice over which mobile phone you can get. You're bound to find something that suits you.

Some phones are the best of the best, featuring impressive hardware and the most up-to-date mobile tech on board. For that, take a look at the latest iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S range, HTC One and U phones, LG's G and V ranges, and any manufacturer's top flagships.

That's not all you can get, though. When picking a handset, have a think about…





Internal storage

What's cheapest mobile contract deal?

The best contract is one that has all the things you want in it for the lowest price - hence why comparing all your options is so important.

If you prefer a cheap mobile contract, however, there are a few ways you can keep costs down.

Older models - Phones that are a generation or two old - such as the iPhone 6s, for instance - still work great, only now they're cheaper.

Resellers - These companies buy phones and deals in bulk, and pass the savings onto you. You get the same phone, and the same great service from a network, only with a lower price attached.

Refurbished handsets - These are handset that were previously owned or returned, and given a revamp so they're good as new.

Networks - Smaller networks usually charge less, since their operating costs are lower. Try one like giffgaff or iD Mobile.

Special offers - Look out for limited time offers, including Black Friday or January sales at the right time of year, as well as deals for your current network's existing customers.

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