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Sell My Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC

When people get the thought “I want to sell my Samsung tablet”, then sure to follow is the desire to get as much money as possible. So the question is where can you go to ensure that you’ll get a fair and decent price for selling your tablet? The simple answer is that there are a number of comparison sites, like this one, that can help you find all the best deals.

Samsung tablets are in high demand from online recyclers, so you will be pleasantly surprised at the offers that you can receive. All you need to do is enter your Samsung tablet model into the search box, click search and then watch the site do its work and bring you all the best offers from top UK recyclers. You can then choose whichever offer takes your fancy, choose how you would like to be paid and that’s it.

You will, of course, have to send your tablet off to the recycler, but the online process itself only takes a few minutes and is easy, as well as extremely secure. By recycling, you’ll also be helping save the environment instead of polluting it through dumping your tablet in a landfill, so hopefully by now you are thinking “I must sell my Samsung tablet to a recycler.”

A History of Samsung Tablets

Samsung is a Korean based company, and Samsung Electronics, as one of its subsidiaries, is actually the largest IT organisation in the world. Samsung released their first tablet effort, the Galaxy Tab in 2010.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on the Android 2.3 platform and features a 7 inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi and/or 3G, front and back facing cameras and elements of telephone functionality. Samsung have announced that the Galaxy Tab will not be upgrading to the latest Android update, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but will instead include an Android Gingerbread build with elements of 4.0.

Three new Galaxy Tab models have been released since the original in 2010; the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a slimmer model with a larger screen alongside the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and then the Galaxy Tab 7.7, a model which is more friendly to single-hand use than its predecessors.

The latest model is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, which runs on Android 3.2 and is a lot smaller than its predecessors, yet remains powerful and has 16GB or 32GB storage options, as well as two cameras.