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Recycle Sanyo Phones

Selling Sanyo Mobile Phones: About Sanyo

Toshio Iue founded Sanyo Electric Group, a leading electronics company with headquarters in Japan. In 2008, Sanyo sold its mobile phone division to Kyocera Communications, which continued selling Sanyo branded handsets.

The company manufactures and supplies rechargeable batteries, energy efficient heating and cooling systems and environmental friendly electronic devices including mobile phones. The company aims to offer superior products and services and one of its missions is to conserve the environment.

Sanyo started supplying handsets to the Japanese market and later expanded into overseas markets. Sanyo was the first company to develop a phone with a color LCD and built in digital camera for the American market.

Sanyo is popular for its wireless mobile phones, which users love due to their features, design, advanced multimedia features and operation. Customers love Sanyo mobile phones due to their reliability, performance, high customer satisfaction, excellent design, fun features and availability with most US carriers. Newest models have remote locks for privacy and wireless backup. This company has won a variety of awards from J.D Power and Associates due to the superiority of its wireless mobile technology.

Selling Sanyo Mobile Phones

Recycle Sanyo mobile phones and receive cash for your old or unwanted Sanyo mobile phone. It is easy and fast by using our recycling stores comparison service.

Find out the value offered for your mobile phone by different buyers using the model and make or the phone image to search for your phone

Select the recycling company with the best price. When selling Sanyo mobile phones it is also important to check the quality of service offered the payment process and the customer ratings.

Complete your seller profile with your preferred recycler.

Follow the postage instructions to send them your phone.

Confirm the sale and receive payment through the method you opt for.

You can also sell a damaged or faulty Sanyo mobile phone with most recycling companies. Once you send them the device, they evaluate the extent of the damage and value your phone.

Why recycling and selling your unused Sanyo mobile phone? You earn extra cash and help keep the environment clean when you choose to recycle your mobile device instead of disposing it as garbage.

As time goes by, the value of your mobile phone reduces. Selling Sanyo mobile phones soonest ensures you get the best price. The more you let it gather dust in the shelf, the less cash you will receive.