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The stainless steel panel on Nokia 8800 Sirocco are meant to ensure that this mobile phone does not rust. This is great for the phone’s aesthetics, as it makes certain that your mobile phone does not lose its beauty to rust. It has 128MB of internal memory, and this is quite modest for storing small files. If you need to store larger files, then you will have to look for other options as you will not be able to add an external memory card. This mobile phone model supports 2G internet connections, and this makes it easy to keep abreast with your online tasks from the comfort of your mobile phone. It has a TFT screen which is scratch-resistant; this means that you will not worry about your phone’s screen getting scratched. You can also go online and download you favourite mobile phone games as this phone usually supports Java games. You can thus entertain yourself if you do not have much going. You can also use your favourite song as your ringtone; all you have to do is to make sure that it is of a supported format such as MP3. Finally, sell Nokia 8800 Sirocco to a mobile phone recycling store and earn money.