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Recycle Apple iPads

The iPad Story - so far...

There have been three generations of the iPad so far. The first generation was released in 2010 and included a Wi-Fi version which was released first and then a version including both Wi-Fi and 3G which was released just a few weeks later. There were 15 million original iPads sold in advance of the iPad 2’s launch.

The iPad 2 was launched in 2011 and was a lot slimmer, lighter and faster than the original and also featured two cameras which enabled FaceTime. Like the 1st generation, the iPad 2 has a Wi-Fi only version and a Wi-Fi and 3G model. The third generation has only recently been revealed and again has two models, one Wi-Fi version and one Wi-Fi and 4G version. Its screen has been improved to a higher resolution, the camera is now five megapixels, there is voice diction capability and the processor has been improved once more meaning this new model is even faster than before.

Looking For A Great Place To Sell iPad And Apple Products?

The technical marketplace can be quite frustrating, in that it always seems that just as you’ve been able to afford and purchase the latest, most advanced product, a newer more advanced model is released. This is extremely relevant to Apple products, so it will come as no surprise if you are in a situation where you are thinking “I want to sell my old iPad and get the latest version.”

The question you must then ask yourself is, “where is the best place to sell my iPad?” More and more people are realising that recycling sites are the place to go to sell on technical items like iPads. This is due to the fact that there are a number of helpful comparison sites that search all of the recyclers for you and then provide you with the best offers for your item.

This not only saves you time from having to visit all of the recycler sites yourself but it also means that you are much more likely to get a fair price, especially for something like an iPad, which is still a relatively new and exclusive product, so you should be able to get a decent price for it, rather than risk having it sell for a miniscule amount through a bidding process or private sale.