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The Apple iPhone 5 64GB boasts of a 4-inch multi-touch retina screen, A6 chip that is twice as fast as the previous A5 chip installed in iPhone 4S and 1080p HD video recording amongst a myriad of other innovative features. Regardless of the bulky design, the iPhone 5 is quite light and slim. As a matter of fact, you will not come across another smartphone that is light and thin as iPhone 5. With features such as Face Time calling, you can relish face to face video conversation with friends when on a Wi-Fi zone.
Features and Specifications
iCloud Storage: This feature allows you to store all the contents in your new iPhone 5 64GB and other devices such as iPad in a safe and secure virtual location. In case of data loss, you can easily backup your smartphone.
8 MP Camera: The new and improved camera not only enables you to capture high-quality images, but edit and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
1080p HD Video Recording: This feature enables you to record home movies in high definition.
4-Inch Retina Display: The big screen allows you to include more apps on your home screen.
Ultrafast Wireless: The Sprint 4G LTE network enables you to surf the internet at ultrafast speeds. Consequently, you won’t experience downtimes when uploading and downloading files.
iO6: The Apple iPhone 5 64GB is powered by a new mobile phone operating system. The iOS6 allows for utilization of prebuilt apps and intuitive technologies such as Siri and multi-touch.
Storage: Besides iCloud storage, iPhone 5 64GB provides users with 64GB of secondary memory which is enough to store your music, pictures and videos.
In addition to the above, the new iPhone 5 64GB boasts of more than 700,000 apps which can easily be downloaded from the App Store.