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To recycle Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB for the best cash price today, find out how much it's worth below in our recommended recycler list, or compare best prices further down on our recycling comparison table... Prices from £0.55 to £5.00 available


Double check this is the right Apple device with this product description:

The Apple iPhone 3GS with 16GB internal memory is a mobile phone with technically all the works. It comes with a sleek scratch-resistant screen which gives you 320 x 480 image resolutions at 16 megapixels. This device has a touch screen display which uses Apple’s iOS X operating system giving you more fluid browsing, multitasking and smart phone options.

Product Features

The iPhone 3GS was released in June 2009 and although it was very popular after several years, it is currently discontinued. Newer, sleeker and faster models have replaced the iPhone 3GS which basically means that even though your handset may still be working, it lacks the up to date features that the current iPhone models have. Features like faster browsing speeds, cameras with more mega pixels, ability to record in HD and even 3D, larger memory storage and of course better battery life are just some of the popular features found in new models

However, it does not mean that your old mobile is obsolete and is headed for a landfill. Don’t just throw you old device away, you can extend the life of your phone and recycle it. You are not only helping the environment but also earning a little cash as you sell your phone online.