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The iPhone has boasted superb retina display for some time and now, and with 2012’s revamped iPad 3, Apple’s latest laptop now also comes with the same feature. And expanding on the incredible design and technology of the original iPad, the third model in this range comes with four times as many pixels as the original iPad 1, measuring 2048x1536 in resolution. Featuring high-speed 4G connectivity, you’re able to browse the Internet, download content and stream media at lightning speed. And here is a feature virtually unheard of before this model ??" you can use your Apple iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi 4G as a hotspot carrier. Set up your laptop to serve as a hotspot device for up to five other computers! Other Apple-only integrated features include the iSight functionality ??" Apple’s 5-megapixel camera and 1080p HD video; as well as Airplay, which allows you to stream media content to your HD TV without the use of any cables. Do you currently own this device? If you do, you may be in luck to strike a good deal. Check out our offers below. We can help you sell Apple iPad 3 16GB Wi-Fi 4G. The best part is that you will be earning money while still helping to preserve the environment too.