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The LG Prada KE850 is a mobile phone collaboration between two companies- LG and Prada, hence the name. The goal was to create a stylish and elegant phone that had great features. This standard phone is a mid-range handset that is housed in a classy physical casing. It is thin and lightweight. It has a 3-inch touch sensitive screen with 240 x 400 pixels of resolution. It has a built-in loudspeaker for mp3 and FM radio playing. It has a card slot for external memory of up to 2 gigabytes. A USB port is provided as well. It has a 2-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. It prides itself with Schneider-Kreuznach optics producing better quality photos than some phones. File sharing is made possible with bluetooth. Other basics include organizer, voice memo, and document viewer. Its standard Lithium-ion battery reaches 3 hours of talk time. LG Prada KE850 has already been discontinued. Production of this phone has already been stopped by the company. LG has since produced smart phones which focus on connectivity and affordability. If you still use this gadget but are thinking of buying a new one, do not hide it away. Instead, sell LG Prada KE850 to earn cash. This way you are able to help the environment.