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A sleek, slim phone, LG A140 is fairly new, but it has become quite popular nonetheless. It is meant to be quite a basic phone, and this has been vindicated by the modest features it sports. It is quite a light phone, as it only weighs 80g, making it very convenient to carry around in your pocket or even small purse. It has a CSTN display screen with 65K colours, and this is quite conservation for most people who are accustomed to higher screen resolutions. It also has a VGA camera with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, and this is truly not ideal for taking medium-resolution photos. With regards to internet connectivity, you have to make do with GPRS, although this is quite sufficient for tasks which are light-weight in nature, such as checking email and instant messaging. Unfortunately, if you are a big fan or recording videos, then this phone will not be good for you as it does not support the recoding of videos. You can send your friends cool MMS messages if you are a big fan of that; gladly, this feature is fully supported on this phone. You can finally sell LG A140 for recycling when it dies.