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The Mircrosoft Xbox 360 is the premiere game console manufactured by Microsoft. As the second video game console from the company, this gadget is said to have surpassed its predecessor, the original Xbox. For general game format, it utilizes optical disc that can be downloaded. Accessories included in this console are wireless and typewired controllers. It also supports HD video playback, CD audio and DVD video playbacks. Connectivity wise, this gadget supports Internet connectivity through Wi-Fi with WPA or WPA2 encryption as security measures. Likewise, Ethernet is also supported. Other good features are video and voice chat, as well as an online store where games, TV episodes and even movies can be downloaded from. Memory is stored in the hard drive and it can store as much as 4 gb worth of memory space. With the latest updates, the Xbox 360 console produces less noise which makes it less prone to overheating. As a game console, the Microsoft Xbox 360 may be a good fit for you and your family. It may still be working on your end. However, the disadvantages of this console is that it is more expensive in the long run as you have to pay monthly subscription for the Xbox live and in order to use wireless controllers, a wifi adapter has to be bought separately. If you want to sell Microsoft Xbox 360, you can check out the list of sites we have below.