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Quite a classic phone, Nokia 8310 was released in the year 2001. It is a very basic phone, to say the list. It weighs 84g, and this is quite heavy for a phone with such limited functionality. It sports a monographic display which also has dynamic font size; its screen resolution is five lines. You can also download Nokia 8310 monophonic ringtones which usually alert you, or you can stick to the vibration feature. On the internet front, you will realize that you just have to stick to the GPRS connectivity, which you can use to browse the web and conduct simple online tasks. You can also make sure that you keep time for schedules and appointments by using the alarm feature of your mobile phone. You can also choose phone covers for this model from an array of nine Xpress-on covers which actually makes this phone a fashion accessory. You can also amuse yourself by playing games such as Snake II, Bumper, Paris II, snowboard and many other games on your mobile phone; up to 32 games are supported. You can also make use of the Nokia 8310 WAP browser to surf the internet. Finally, when you are done using it, you can sell Nokia 8310 for recycling.