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The advantage... was launched in July 2009 as is one of the original recycling comparison websites. It is also the ONLY mobile app on Android and iOS to recycle from the users device, watch the video. We have over 40 recyclers giving us feeds for 4,000+ gadgets in 9 categories holding 100,000+ prices!

The founding team at have over 10 years in the mobile industry from distribution giants Kondor Ltd and 20:20 Mobile Group (where they launched

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Press Mentions

Our unique data from being one of the original recycle sites in the UK earns us great mentions!

Here are some examples of what the press has been kind enough to say about

  • The Telegraph

    The price of a second-hand mobile phone has risen 68 per cent in a year to £101, according to new data.

  • Bloomberg Business Week tracks trade-in depreciation for more than 4,000 phones from 47 manufacturers

  • The Sun, Dan Jones

    Always check on a price comparison site such as CompareMyMobile to make sure you get the best deal

  • T3 magazine

    Apple products amassed to a huge 49% of the online gadget trade-in market in 2012

  • Mobile News

    CompareMyMobile has saved its customers more than £20 million since the service launched in 2009

2014 Phone Recycling Round up

The news so far using CompareMyMobile data from over stores, new survey results and consumer reviews.

  • There are estimated to be around 52 million unused phones in the UK alone
  • That's enough phones to pollute over three trillion litres of water, the equivalent of over 1 million Olympic swimming pools
  • In the first quarter of this year - Samsung were the top traded-in smartphone brand, making up 38 percent of all trade-ins
  • This is the first time since 2009 that Apple has been overtaken as the top traded-in brand on CompareMyMobile
  • CompareMyMobile's survey results show that over a third of people upgrading to Samsung's Galaxy S5 previously owned an iPhone
  • Samsung's Galaxy S3 is currently the top traded-in smartphone on CompareMyMobile - making up almost 12 percent of all trade-ins

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