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Cutting down on mobile waste, follow these steps

Recycle: Using our online service.

One very popular way of cutting down on mobile waste is by selling the mobile phone to websites who either re-use the parts or give the phone to people living in poor countries. You can usually get a good price for your mobile phone if it's in good condition, although you might want to shop around before committing to selling it. Different websites offer different prices so make sure you get a price you're happy with.

If your phone is in a bad state of repair, don't think about throwing it away, you might be able to make a few pounds on it. No matter whether your old mobile phone is in tip top condition or in dire need of repair, someone, somewhere will benefit from it. In some cases you may have the opportunity to directly donate your phone to charity, so you might want to think about doing this.

Reuse: Help A Friend Or Sell Online

If one of your friends has damaged their phone by doing some crazy stunt, then why don't you offer them your old one? Sure it may not be the latest model, but it can come in handy while they save up for a new one. Don't forget to let your friend know about the different ways they can recycle the phone once they're finished with it.

Selling your old mobile phone on auction websites is a great way to get a bit of spare cash, and it's a form of recycling too. Many people who buy phones from these sites often buy them for the parts and use them as spares; this too is a great way to recycle unused mobile phones.