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Gadget and phone recycling fundraisers

We need your help!

Parent involvement in school fundraising is essential. We are asking for your participation, which we have made both easy and educational. This year, your school could be participating in the Mobile Phone, iPod, Laptop/Notebook Computer, Digital Video Camera, and Digital Camera Recycling School Fundraiser. It allows us to raise money for the school while simultaneously teaching our students about recycling. The intent of this school fundraising setup is to ask for your participation and address frequently asked questions. Contact us

As parents, we are often involved with new and ongoing fundraisers related to the school and students' various activities. We have decided to grow the school fundraiser because it allows parents to give back to the community without the hassle or spending. Here are some more reasons is a better way to fundraise:

You are setting an example!

Instead of selling a product people are often uninterested in, it enables us to let go of technology we no longer want or need as part of an environmentally-friendly act of community service. (Ex. Mobile phone, laptop/notebook computer, digital camera, digital video camera, & iPod recycling). We can support desirable educational objectives while fundraising for the school.

It's easy!

Donate any unwanted or used mobile phones, laptop/notebook computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras and iPods to the school. Your donations will help us raise: up to £450 for every used (or broken!) mobile phone, up to £600 for each used laptop or computer, and up to £150 per used iPod and much more! Have a look here

Save your money!

That's right! No out-of-pocket expenses. All you have to do is donate your used mobile phones, laptop/notebook computers, digital cameras, digital video cameras, and iPods to save money using our free resources!

You are helping the environment!

It is estimated that there are already more than 40 Million used mobile phones in the UK that are sitting and collecting dust, with another 15 million added to that annually. As of now, only about 5% of those mobile phones are being properly recycled.

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