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Tips & How Charity Recycling Works

Follow these simple steps to success...

To get the most out of charity recycling, be sure to:

1) Start with those around you.

Whether it's in your community or at the office, these are the people who best know your organization and support your success. Get them as excited about charity recycling as you are! They can make fantastic advocates for your cause. Start by asking them to bring in their used mobile phones and old printer cartridges and challenge them to get as many people as they can to do the same. Try sending an office or community-wide email that explains the program and charity recycling, or present at an organization-wide meeting.

2) Get your suppliers and partners involved.

Allow co-workers and clients help with your charity recycling efforts. Send co-workers an email, create an office letter, and/or have letters available for clients to take back to their place of business. You never know where your biggest recyclers may come from.

3) Offer businesses an opportunity

As the world strives to become eco-friendly, more and more businesses are looking to prove they are friends of the environment. Offer businesses an opportunity to join your cause and raise their 'green credentials.' You are presenting them with a way to demonstrate environmentally sound business practices by simply donating products that would otherwise end up in the trash. Let them know it's a win-win!

If engaging other businesses sounds like a good idea, but you don't have the time, will take care of it for you. Get in touch with our team to further discuss it. We will have a representative call these businesses on your behalf to explain the logistics and spare you the headache. We will continue to manage the logistical aspect by continuing to directly communicate with them to set up a free collection of their items when needed.

4) Community expansion

Most people are unaware of what to do with their used mobile phones, gadgets and printer cartridges. Address this common question in your community while also expanding your charity. Start to build public support for your cause by hanging posters in local community centres or popular shops.

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