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Gadget Trader
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Aug 2013
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With years of experience in the mobile phone recycling industry, the staff behind Gadget Trader have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to customer service throughout the process. The online chat function provides an especially easy way to get in contact should you have any questions about your experience giving you live access to an expert team of staff.

The recycler gives particularly great prices for your old mobile phones, with model valuations being among the top offered on the site especially for non-iPhone handsets. Prices vary more for other electronics like tablets and iPads.
To find out how much cash you could get for your old device simply click on the Sell Now tab at the top of the page and either search through the devices listed or, if you know the name and model of yours, type that into the search bar near the top.

Once you've found your gadget, click on the Sell Your Gadget button, which will take you to a page where you select whether your phone is Working or Non-Working. You will receive a quote based on the condition of your phone, and if you're not sure which one your phone qualifies as - then you can just check out the specification on the right. Damaged/non-working phones will receive significantly less money though, so it might be worth having a look elsewhere too.
Once you've filled in all of your information you'll get a quote and be asked to fill in your contact details and choose how you'd like to be paid. The site even advises you to remove your iCloud account if you have an iOS device to ensure that you've done everything you need to do before sending off your phone.

Gadget Trader offer a free postage pack, but you can always send it by recorded delivery if you'd prefer to track it that way. Once your item has been received, they promise to process and check the condition of your phone on the day it gets to them and send you a payment within 48 hours. Payments can be made by cheque, same day bank transfer or PayPal depending on what suits you most but we do advice that bank transfer or PayPal will ensure you get money more quickly.

If experts decide that your phone is not in the condition you said it was, they may offer you a lower quote but if you're not happy with it, they promise to return your device for free so this is a definitely plus to the service.

Key Points
  • Pricing: Gadget Trader offer great prices for mobile phones, although you might want to look around if you're trading in an iPhone.
  • Payment options: A range of payment options means you have the option to have cash within a few days
  • Experienced customer service: Years of experience in the industry means these guys know what they're talking about
  • Damaged phones: You might want to look elsewhere if you're trading in a damaged phone, as somewhere else might offer you a better price
  • No charity: There's no option to send money made from your phone to a charity.

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Company Number: 08460500

Company Name: Gadget Trader Ltd

Registered Date: 2013-03-25

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VAT Number: We do not know if Gadget Trader is VAT Registered

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Weee Number: We do not know if Gadget Trader is Weee Accredited

Checkmend: Yes

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Twitter: @GadgetTrader1

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Gadget Trader
Andrew Beckett
Managing Director
Gadget Trader is a new brand from the owners of Gadgets4Everyone and RecycleBee, they are offering a focused range of devices for customers to recycle and are promising excellent customer service and support.
Gadget Trader
From Northumberland
I was happy with GT's valuation of my phone and was always spoken to courteously and efficiently when I spoke with them. I have only awarded 4 stars because it took more than 2 weeks from sending my device to receiving my cheque. I would deal with them again though.
Gadget Trader
From Northumberland
Final offer no where near what was estimated by GADGET TRADER The condition of my phone was excellent, but according to GADGET TRADER it was worth £29! less. If i declined offer of £115, then i would need to pay an additional £4.95 to have it returned. Very slow service also. Will certainly not use in future. This company obviously entice you with higher estimates to get you on board, then reduce the price with use of their 'terms and conditions', then the final postage charge ensures you ain't going refuse. Advice people to not get greedy nd tempted, as its gonna end up less than other companies. Stick with Mazuma or other well known recyclers. Lesson learned. Cheers.
Gadget Trader
Sent off a very well looked after iphone 4- promised £80 from Gadget Trader. Over a week later they emailed to say the ear piece didn't work properly and they would give me £20 and if I wanted the phone back it would cost me £5! Felt majorly ripped off with the whole experience, terrible company - avoid and go with a better rated mobile recycler with a lower offer as I wish I had.
Gadget Trader
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. After 3 weeks of waiting and 3 confirmation emails that they had received my phone and it was in a cue to be processed they turned around and said they had never received it. I have now sent them the proof of delivery and have had no reply from them. They are either incompetent and have lost it, or dishonest and have stolen it. Either way they have stolen £135.00 from me. I would encourage anyone who has had the same experience as myself to raise a complaint with trading standards. Cowboy Company, go with someone more reputable.
Gadget Trader
From Highland
Everything went smoothly thanks very much.
Gadget Trader
From Dorset
First they said they hadn't received my phone and I had to send them the Post Office tracker number before they found it. Then they claimed it had scratches on the front and back - which I absolutely know it hadn't - and asked if I would settle for a lower amount. At my suggestion, they re-assessed and then offered the original agreed price. Finally I had to chase them to post the cheque! Having experienced a long and protracted negotiation, I have to say they always replied to my emails and complaints promptly and politely. However I won't be using them again.
Gadget Trader
From Warwickshire
Good service, kept in touch by email as the process went on. Paid what they said they would.
Gadget Trader
From Herefordshire
Rubbish company, do not use they will rip you off!!! Firstly they will never give you the money they offer, its just a con to get you to send the phone to them they will always offer you lower due to wear and tear. Of course there is wear at the end of the day it is a second hand phone that is usually at least two years old!!! My phone had lived in a case all its life and looked as new. I excepted the offer anyway as it was more time and money on recorded delivery charges to get it back and send it off to someone else which is probably what they are counting on you thinking. Secondly they only process their payments to you on a Friday and that takes at least 3 working days for it to hit your bank account so don't expect anything till the following Wednesday maximizing their profit as the money sits in their account gaining interest. I got a number wrong whilst giving them my bank details apparently so had to wait two weeks for payment even though i corrected the details straight away on asking.
Gadget Trader
From Lancashire
Very slow service and then reduce the price offered still waiting for my money and they have had my phone for almost 2 weeks
Gadget Trader
From South yorkshire
I had a tiny scratch that was barely visible that I understand may drop th price down slightly however Gadget trader reduced my offer from £80 to £20 which is ridiculous considering it was perfectly fine in every other way. In order to have my phone returned to me I had to pay £4.95 which has never happened with any other company I have used. Plus I still haven't received my phone back after 5 days.
Gadget Trader 2.5 out of 5. 38 user reviews.