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Why are we number 1?

Why should I sell my mobile online using Comparemymobile.com?

Discover the key facts on why we're the #1 stop since 2009 for people who want a recycle service. A common question that comes up from people is 'I want to sell my phone, but who can I trust?' which is not a suprising query, especially with over 40+ stores in the market. We've been featured in national newspapers like the Telegraph, The Sun as well as tons of money saving sites and even official government & council guides to recycling! This outlines us as a trusted and independent source for cash for phones comparison.

We haven't always been a sell mobile phone comparison service, pre-2009 the founding team at Comparemymobile.com built, run and promoted recycling solutions for high street names. This gives us unique insight into the process, who to trust, how to rate them impartially and what scams to watch out for to give our users 100% confidence.

What happens to recycled mobiles?

Your mobiles life after using a phone recycling service

When I sell my mobile, where does it go? Well it depends on the company, but after our visitors select a phone recycling comparison deal and post in their smartphones, every store featured on this sell mobile phone comparison site endeavours to dispose of them ethically and environmentally friendly. Some end up refurbished and sold to insurance channels, some are sold to third world communities and others recycle phones down into the raw materials.

Mobile phones are made by some of the most hazardous toxins known to man! These include Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury and Lead. What makes things worse is that over 500,000 phones a year end up in landfills polluting the environment with these dangerous materials. Discover where your old phone goes, what's in your handset and compare phone recyclers like Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone.

How to sell broken mobiles

Sell broken mobiles: A specialist guide to phone recycling

You can recycle mobile phones that are damage or broken using comparemymobile.com. In our detailed price table some cash for phones stores provide us with fixed prices and some with estimates. There are however some conditions where you can't sell your mobile. This guide will give you everything you need to know about these conditions so you can successfully compare mobile phone recycling for cash and pass on your old, damaged device ethically.

As well as a guide to broken mobile phone recycling comparison, we also go into the details surrounding selling stolen mobile phones, or gadgets that have been lost by people. In a nutshell, these are not accepted and can get you in trouble. If you would like to know how to protect against theft or loss then we have solid steps from the Met police and some tidy apps that will help you!

Best place to get cash for phones

Compare phone recycling services to upgrade better gadgets

Now, many stores and networks are offering their own recycling solutions where you'll be able to recycle your mobile on the spot. Most of the Networks and stores are run by recyclers featured on this site - Giving you added trust that our recyclers are trusted by the major networks and high street stores. Many independent journalists advise that you should always check a comparison site to ensure you get the most for your mobile.

On average people upgrade their handsets every 18-24 months and just sit on their old handset, not thinking 'I'll sell my mobile online!' There are many options in front of you nowadays; You can sell it straight to the high street store, put it on eBay or Gumtree or swap it for store vouchers. The only way to get the most cash for phones, plus have the data properly deleted off your phone so the paparazzi don't get you're pictures and Facebook logins, is to use a mobile phone recycling service.

Mobile phone recycling customer reviews, real reviews so you stay safe...

Where can I sell my mobile phone safely? Which company should I choose? All these questions are answered here on CompareMyMobile.com. Top stores like Mazuma, Envirofone, Money4Machines and Fonebank are all reviewed by REAL customers. Simply search for your phone or gadget, compare prices and get detailed trade in store comparison info.

Real reviews

Read real customer reviews on 40+ of the leading phone recyclers like Mazuma Mobile, Envirofone and Money4Machines.

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Top 5 recyclers

Compare phone recyclers services / payment options